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What Is FEARLESS® Painting?  


It is a process…a practice…an oracle…a guide…a mirror to your true self.  FEARLESS® Painting is not about the painting.  It is not a way of painting or a fancy technique or even a method.  It is more like a meditation—a tool to put your mind, body, and spirit in total alignment with creative source itself.  And in this space—truth reveals itself—and so do your dreams.  But also in this space fear, pain, obstacles, and habits that no longer serve us arise as well—and that’s the beauty of this practice.  FEARLESS® Painting gives you the opportunity to rise above it all—to listen deeply to your heart—and to trust so crazy mad in your beautiful self—and see what happens when you do.

FEARLESS® Painting is a process that follows a form.  The form is designed to provide the FEARLESS® Painter with an opportunity to align with their creative source by becoming more aware of the workings of their mind, tapping into the energetics of their body, and examining and reflecting upon their personal belief systems.  Through the FEARLESS® Painting Process the painter is encouraged to listen to the painting by staying fully in the now and following where it leads.


Here are a few of the basics of FEARLESS® Painting:

1.  Each  FEARLESS® Painting is built and discovered through the  scribble, line, shapes, and the act of painting like a five year old.  Through these four principles the FEARLESS® painter always has the tools to  interact with the process no matter how they are feeling.

2.  Gut reactions, first thoughts, deep feelings, and hunches are what guides the painting—so for the process to fully blossom—the FEARLESS® Painter must surrender to their innate wisdom and let the painting be what it is going to be.  Believe me—this takes practice!

3.  Curiosity is a main component of FEARLESS® Painting.

4.  It’s best to begin working with materials that are less expensive so the worry about “wasting materials” does not become an unnecessary obstacle to the process.

5.  Staying fully present in the body through painting big, standing up, and moving and focusing on the breath while working helps the FEARLESS® Painter become aware of possible physical, emotional, and energetic blockages may be occurring.

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